Ages 9 months-2 years
Each Service
Adventure Zone
Ages 2-5 (Zone - lower level)
Ages 6-11 (in gym)
Sunday | 10:00 am
Discovery Zone
Ages 2-11 (Zone - lower level)
Thursday | 7:00 pm



Children’s Ministry

The Zone is a children’s ministry designed to teach preschool – grade school age children the Word of God in a fun, safe, stimulating environment, where they acquire life skills, experience exciting events, and grow passionate about God. This ministry is accomplished through the following departments: Discovery Zone, Adventure Zone, Mini Zone (Nursery), and VBS/Special Events.

Discovery Zone (Thursday)

The Discovery Zone is a small group setting where children develop friendships, have fun, and learn God’s Word.  It is a special time of spiritual discovery, discussion and foundation building in children’s lives by application of biblical teaching.  

Adventure Zone (Sunday)

The Adventure Zone provides a place for kids to sing, play and praise God while being taught real life applications of spiritual disciplines and principles. It is a fast paced and technologically advanced environment designed to keep kids engaged.

Mini Zone (nursery)

The Mini Zone is a safe and stimulating environment for children 9 months-2 years old to be lovingly cared for while their parents/guardians worship or serve in ministry. Mini Zone is available at all regularly scheduled services.

Special Events/Vacation Bible School

Special Events like Vacation Bible School, Kids Choir, and Puppet Ministry offer opportunities for children to learn God’s Word in a fun, exciting format, as well as create an opportunity for children to invite and bring their friends and relatives.

10:00 am
6:30 pm
7:00 pm